Spanish Author

Pedro Vidal Terrasa

Is creating a pictorial book to honor the US Navy Sixth Fleet ships and servicemen that visited Palma de Mallorca from

Pedro is a native of Palma; he started visiting US navy ships as a young man and gained a deep admiration for the men
and iron of the Sixth Fleet.  He perused a career in teaching but continued his passion of visiting our ships.  I’m grateful
that he has contacted me on his project and I sense that he is an advocate for us to the children he is teaching and to
the residence of Palma.  He needs our help to make his project a success.  If you have old photos of your time in Palma,
he would like to present some of them in his upcoming pictorial book.  

Pedro is seeking pictures that feature:

* Living on board: sailors and marines
* Ships: all type of surface ships and submarines.
* Types or helicopters, aircraft, systems,...
* Palma as a liberty port.
* Pictures of the ships moored pier side of Palma harbor or anchored at the bay.
* The establishments where they used to go (dancing, bars, places to eat, etc.)
* Places where they could dress as civilians, such as the Tito´s, BCM, Jack El
Negro, Barbarella´s, Texas Jacks, Kais,Eco´s,Carrousel Bar,Cala Major, Magalluf,
Bar Kais, USO, Plaza Gomila,...
* Trips out of town.

All photos will be published with credits of their contributor.

This book will be the first one to be published with a compilation of photographs related to the USN in Palma … no one
has been made before. Most of the pictures are the last ones (even its slides have been lost) so the book will try to
show the best of them before they are gone/lost. The main source for this book are the pictures from the USN veterans
who came to Palma as young sailors and marines… without them this book will not be possible so any picture sent to
Pedro will be appreciated.

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                    US Navy in Palma de Mallorca 1951-2001
GMG2 (SW) Peterson USS Vreeland (FF-1068) 1982-1985
USS Vreeland website