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Before I discovered the PC, I was into oil painting, drawing and scratch building ship models.  If you look
hard enough you can see some of my work from what’s left over of Tom’s Model Works.  I did a fair
portion of the work on Tom’s 1/350 scale USS Nevada and Oklahoma models (now they are
Shipwright kits
) and I drew the cover work for the USS West Virginia model.  During all of my research for
the models I was able to do numerous interviews of the veterans who served on the old battlewagons
and survived the Pearl Harbor raid or those who served aboard the USS Nevada after the 1942 rebuild.  In
the end I ended up with a great collection of rare pictures and an array of ship plans and drawings.  I
also ended up with a very good mental picture of the ships within my minds eye.  

I started looking into CAD in the days of Windows 95 for the soul purpose of building a USS Nevada CAD
model.  The model pictured above is the result but a far cry from the finished product.  For you history
buffs who know the Old Iron Lady, I realize that the false bow wake is not present but I do have it for
historic application.  The problem is that I have been plagued with massive PC crashes and data loss.  
Once I regain or rebuild the lost information I hope to present the model as intended.  Currently the
model has over 30 levels of detail (down to the rivets!) but it is scattered in an array of well over 200
models, some of which have been corrupted by data loss so lots of sorting and rebuilding is needed.  
When I get some time I will post a gallery of pictures…

Some of my current projects:

The New Your Class Battleships, BB-34 & BB-35 focusing on the USS Texas with alterations from 1914
through her decommissioning in 1948.

The Nevada Class Battleships, BB-36 & BB-37 with all alterations.

The Pennsylvania  Class Battleships, BB-38 & BB-39 with all alterations.

The Knox Class Frigates, with the focus on the USS Vreeland FF-1068.

The Forrest Sherman Class Destroyers

The Adams Class Guided Missile Destroyers

The Forrestal Class Carriers CV-59 through CV-62 Focusing on the USS Saratoga CV-60

These ships were designed with future ship simulation and gaming in mind.  Knowing where good level of
detail (LOD) loading advancements are going inspired me to build highly detailed models.  My
foundational desire is to build museum quality models that work well in a good simulation or gaming
environment.  Unfortunately today’s simulation environment still needs to catch up the technology of LOD
quality available.  I have incorporated some of these models in to Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) with
marginal results.  The problem is that FSX is outdated CPU based simulation with minimal memory
allocated towards frame rate rendering, so I feel it’s a waste of time to focus a lot of energy towards
making them work inside FSX.  I see several simulation engines that are up and coming with hope of
future incorporation…

Thanks for your patience: The Land Locked Sailor!

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